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What is a Cash Advance, Payday Loan, or Paycheck Loan?

A payday advance provides you with an unsecured, short-term cash advance until your payday. Customers choose payday advances to cover small, unexpected expenses while avoiding costly bounced-check fees and late payment penalties. With Personal Cash Advance you can apply for a payday loan online and have your advance electronically deposited to your checking or savings account.

What about Qualifying?

Qualifying for a payday advance is easier than qualifying for traditional credit. Personal Cash Advance does not perform credit checks. Your job and your paycheck act as your collateral. You only need to meet the following requirements:

• Currently have a job (or receive regular income)
• Make at least $1000 per month
• Are 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen
• Have checking account or savings account with direct deposit

Does the process take long?

Customers typically receive approval within hours of applying. Since the money is wired directly into your checking or savings account, you can usually have access to your funds the very next day

What if I have bad credit, NSF’s, charge-offs or a bankruptcy?

Not a problem! Personal Cash Advance does not obtain a credit bureau report to qualify you for a cash advance payday loan.

What about collateral to receive a loan?

No. Your job and your paycheck are your collateral.

Do I need direct deposit?


Is there an application fee?

No.  We never charges applicants a fee to qualify for a payday cash advance loan.

Is my application and financial information secure?

Absolutely. We respect our customer’s privacy needs in managing their personal finances. Our site uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. All sensitive information transmitted between your browser and our website uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

How is the payday cash advance loan amount determined?

By your income/debt ratio.

How are fees established?

Each lender has there own fee schedule that are competitive and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Why is there so much information in the Loan Agreement?

The Agreement is a contract that complies with all applicable state or federal disclosure requirements. It completely outlines the terms of the payday advance, including the cost of the service fee both as a dollar amount and as an annual percentage rate (APR).

How soon do I have to pay back the loan?

Payday cash advance loans are generally repaid back when you receive your next paycheck. The standard time for loan repayment is usually no less than four days and no longer than eighteen days. Of course you may also pay back your loan at anytime without any prepayment penalties.

What if I can’t repay the payday loan in full on my due date?

We have different payment options available for our customers:
1. Paying the loan in full on the maturity date listed on your loan agreement*.
2. Paying the finance fee and a portion of the principle on or before the maturity date*.
3. Paying only the finance fee on the maturity date*.

*Some additional terms and conditions may apply. Please ask your loan consultant about all of the repayment options.

MariaMy Cash Advance Payday Loan.Com was an absolute life saver for me. I am a single mother of 3, and my workers comp checks had been stopped and I was in desperate need of some money and fast. The Customer Service Rep I spoke with went above and beyond to help me get the money that I needed right away so that my electricity would not be shut off. Thank you Cash Advance Payday Loan.Com for all of your help. You will never know how much we apprecitate it.
Maria S.


FrankDear Management and all others concerned: My name is Frank. I was fortunate enough to receive a loan from your company. I thought it would be appropriate at this time to tell everyone about my experience with your company. Every single time I called Cash Advance Payday Loan.Com for assistance I was not only greeted by someone extra friendly, but someone positively professional. A lot of times most companies don't truly understand that it really does take a good mix of both to be successful. Obviously your firm has mastered the art of public relations. I actually look forward to calling your company. In part because I know I'll be greeted with a smile. For those who don't know, a warm smile over the phone often times will make someone's day. I would especially like to show my gratitude to one of your young ladies. She is the pinnacle of what this letter is all about. She made the loan transaction understandable. She is friendly and most importantly she is professional. I wish I had her on my team. Thank you! For the rest of your staff keep up the great work. There really are a lot of people out here who notice what you do. Your job is very important to so many people.

- Frank

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